Birth Dates November 23 - December 21
Earth Influence The Long nights Time
Totem Grizzly Bear
Direction North-West
Influencing Wind The West Winds
Element Fire with Earth
Elemental Hawk (fire) Clan
Function Changing things
Birth &; Animal Totem Owls
Plant Totem Mistletoe
Stone Totem Obsidian
Polarity Totem Deer
Affinity Color Gold
Musical Vibration C Sharp
Personality Jovial, Warmhearted, Adventurous, Independent
Feelings Warm
Nature Sincere
Intention Objectivity
Positive Traits Versatile, Adaptable, Scrupulous
Negative Traits Restless, Tactless &; boisterous
Sex Drive Adventurous
Compatibility's Salmons and Falcons
Conscious Aim Understanding
Subconscious Desire Determination
Life Path Elevation
Spiritual Alchemy Yang and Yin Balanced
Should Cultivate Concentration, Optimism and enthusiasm
Should Avoid Overindulgence, exaggeration and greed

Taken from "Earth Medicine, a Shamanic way to Self Discovery" by Kenneth Meadows

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