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Spirit Animals are animals that we are born with.
Native Americans believe that upon birth an animal's spirit enters into that person.
Its duties are to keep each person strong and wise as well as to excel in matters of attributes given to that Animal.

A Deer is an animal of love, tenderness,and swiftness. There is an old story about
the animal kingdom wanting to get into heaven to see the Almighty God.
At a council meeting all the animals stood up to tell why they would be the most appropriate one
to get to the kingdom of God. The Bear stood up and said,
" I, Bear , who is the strongest bravest creature will go to see the Creator".
Upon the road to the Creator stood a big , nasty, monster.
The bear took one look and ran back to the animal kingdom to tell of the nasty, monster.
The Eagle Screeched, "I will fly over the monster to get to see the Creator". Off went the eagle.
He flew higher and higher and got closer to the kingdom of the Creator than any other animal before.
He started to screech a prayer. "Almighty Great Creator, I so would like to see You".
The Almighty Creator said, "It is true you are the best at reaching high enough to talk to me,
but a messenger is all you will be. Tell the rest of the animals that they have to go through the red road of truth to find me".
The eagle said to The Almighty Creator," But there is a monster in the way , how can we cross?
The Almighty said no further. The eagle went back and told all the animals of what the Almighty had said to him.
and all the animals started to fight and argue.
The Deer hearing such a roar jumped so high he landed right in front of the nasty monster.
The deer looked into the eyes of the monster and stared.
The monster looked deep into the deer's eyes and saw
love, warmth and tenderness, and upon seeing that the monster melted away.
And so the deer was the first to go through the red road of truth to see the Almighty.

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