Birth Dates June 21 - July 20
Earth Influence The Long days time
Totem Mouse
Direction South, South East
Influencing Wind The South Winds
Element Water
Elemental Frog (water) Clan
Function To Merge
Birth &; Animal Totem Woodpecker
Plant Totem Wild Rose
Stone Totem Rose Quarts
Polarity Totem Goose
Affinity Color Rose
Musical Vibration F Natural
Personality Emotional, Sensitive, protective and vulnerable
Feelings Maternal/Paternal. Romantic
Nature Exacting
Intention Devotions
Positive Traits Imaginative, Tender, Thrifty &; Sympathetic
Negative Traits Possessive, Moody and Unforgiving
Sex Drive Needful
Compatibility's Snakes, Wolves and Beavers
Conscious Aim Emotional unfoldment
Subconscious Desire Timeliness
Life Path Assimilation
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Intuitiveness, Resourcefulness, Forgiveness
Should Avoid Self-pity, Envy, Possessiveness

Taken from "Earth Medicine, a Shamanic way to Self Discovery" by Kenneth Meadows

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